The  San Pedro Market  in Cusco is about  eight-minute walk  from the  main Plaza de Armas.

On the walk, you’ll usually see more and more street vendors and women in traditional outfits sitting on the side of the street selling nuts, popcorn and other small bags of dry food. And also You will see more and more local stores (tiendas) that sell the most random things in a single tienda. If you are looking for an alpaca jumper, a fresh juice, a bag of nectarines, some bananas for frying, buttifaras (ham sandwiches served with French bread) or some souvenirs for your parents or friends at home you’re definitely on your way to the right place!

What to expect

Upon entering the market, all your senses come into play. The variety of colors you will find with will quickly open your eyes! The smell of raw meat and spices will invade your nostrils. The taste of fried chicken and the  lomo saltado (fried beef) will make your mouth water! The sound of local women fighting for your attention to buy your juices will make you smile!

The visit to the San Pedro market can be during the morning or afternoon since it is open from 7 am to 17:00hrs. But it is definitely worth the visit. It can be a real fuss trying to get the right prices for things, bargain with a local “mami” to buy food and souvenirs or just to chat with them. You will probably be embarrassed at some point about how some of them earn money. Many of the stands right next to each other sell exactly the same things.

Fresh Juice

There are around 30 juice stands. Generally all sell the same juices and combinations for the same prices. It’s simply a game of who can shout the loudest at the market enthusiast and who has the best sales pitch or even who plays the best music! No matter who you go to, they will undoubtedly be super friendly and talkative. A good thing to remember is to ask before buying your juice if it is made with bottled water. If you do not go elsewhere, you will not want an upset stomach! But be adventurous. Try some local  fruits such as lucuma, granadilla, chirimoya  (custard apple ).

There are rows and rows of fruits and vegetables. The smiling faces of the  women vendors with hats and braids in their hair next to the fruits and the variety of colors make it difficult not to stop and buy bags full of avocados and tomatoes. If you are buying fresh fruits and vegetables, be sure to wash them before eating them.

Local food

Eating in the market is also fun. A lot of this is not very healthy and it’s generally fried but it’s an interesting experience. You can try some local delights and peru’s traditional cuisine at the San Pedro market.


Here you will also find hundreds of souvenirs. You can buy jumpers, cardigans, hats and scarves of good quality made of alpaca and llama. Walk around and get a good price. You will also get small gifts such as pens, key rings, lighters, fridge magnets , andean dolls; All of which are decorated in beautiful colors and handmade designs.

It is a good gesture to negotiate the price and buy things in the market because you are supporting and encouraging the local cusqueños.

Take this experience to visit the traditional San Pedro market, which is also included in our Walking Tour Cusco.