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The Inca Bridge is one of the lesser-known sites of Machu Picchu archaeological site, this is another entrance to the citadel. Built on a spectacular trail along an abrupt mountainside, the simple plank bridge could quickly be removed to scupper the progress of any unwanted arrivals.

The Inca Bridge is also known as the Inca Drop Bridge. This is a short hike that takes 25 to 30-minute walk from the Guard’s house (a classic viewpoint of Machu Picchu). The trailhead is marked by a checkpoint, where you have to sing in before you hike.
You will be able to walk on a less -crowded and very nice stone paved Inca trail, in some parts the path is narrow. The views are amazing with some sheer drops down into the valley.

In order to build the bridge in Machu Picchu, a twenty-foot gap was left in this section of the carved cliff edge, over a 1,900-foot drop. This gap was able to be bridged with two or tree trunks. Inca messengers could continue along the mountainside when the planks were put over the gap. But with the logs raised, the attackers or infiltrators would have had a terrible time trying to cross the gap. Especially with armed defenders on the other side.

A unit of enemy soldiers would have been unable to continue. They were perilously exposed to arrows, slings, and hurled rocks.

Nowadays, for safety reasons. the Inca Bridge is blocked off to the public by a small gate. But you can get plenty of good views of the bridge from the path. You can also see the extent of the incredible trail that continues on the other side of the bridge.

Important to Know about the Inca Bridge

  • There are some drops along one side of the trail, but the path is wide enough to give some sense of security. It might be a challenge if you’re not good with heights.
  • You do not need an additional ticket to see the Inca Bridge.
  • If you are doing this hike without your guide and you’re having trouble finding the trailhead. Ask one of the many Machu Picchu rangers. It’s an easy trek along a quiet and relatively flat trail.

NOTE : In case you want to visit this area with us. We can add this activity to our Machupicchu Private guided tour.